Davening Schedules


   Monday & Thursday ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  6:20 AM
   Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday ~~~~~~~~~~~~~  6:30 AM
   Sunday & Legal Holidays ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  8:00 AM
   Rosh Chodesh ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  6:10 AM
Every Shabbos at Ohr Moshe is an uplifting and welcoming experience, including a moving Yeshiva style Davening, inspiring Divrei Torah, children's groups during Davening, weekly Kiddushim, and occasional Shalosh Seudos.

Regular Shabbos Schedule:

Friday Night -

Mincha                               20 minutes before Sunset

Kabbalas Shabbos & Maariv


Shabbos Day-

Daf Yomi                     8:15 AM
Shacharis                   9:00 AM
Chabura                                1 hour before Mincha 
D'var Halacha                   15 min. before Mincha
Mincha                                   35 min. before Sunset
Shiur or Shalosh Seudos
Maariv                                   42-50 minutes after Sunset
Our Shabbos Learning:
Every Shabbos at Ohr Moshe there is a Friday night D’var Halacha by Rabbi Schechter, Shabbos morning Drasha/Sermon by Rabbi Schechter, Chaburah learning an hour before Mincha, Dvar Halacha 15 minutes before Mincha, and a Shiur (or Shalosh Suedos) between Mincha and Maariv.
Sat, April 21 2018 6 Iyyar 5778