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Ohr Moshe Chessed Fund


N’Shei Ohr Moshe is proud to announce the creation of the Ohr Moshe Chessed Fund.  As its name suggests, this fund will be used to lend a helping hand to our Ohr Moshe family, both in good times and, חס ושלום , in bad.  This fund will be used only for Chessed purposes, and will be kept separate from Shul and N’shei funds.


To get this started, we are asking each member to contribute $36 – greater amounts will of course be appreciated (checks can be make payable to Ohr Moshe Chessed Fund).  We are also asking you to let us know your availability, both in time of day and type of service.


With these funds, our Chessed committee will be able to provide meals and other necessities for those in need.  In addition, there are a variety of services we would like to offer, whether it be rides to medical appointments, visitors to those who need companionship, running errands for those who can’t get out themselves, or babysitting services, to name a few.  These are just some of the ideas we’ve thought of – please let us know of any other needs we can help fill.  Together we can really be there to help each other!


If you’d like to donate to this fund in honor of an occasion (birth of a baby, bar/bas mitzvah, or in memory of a loved one), we will be offering cards that can be sent to let your family/friend know a donation has been given in their name.


The limitations of the Chessed Fund will be set by each one of you.  How much we can accomplish will be determined by your generosity in both funds and time.  With your help, the possibilities are endless!


Please take the time to contribute and fill out the form below.  Tizku l’mitzvos!





Name: _______________________________  Phone: ____________________


I am available:  ___Weekdays       ___Weeknights      ___Weekends


I would like to volunteer for:

___Driving to medical appointments                            ___Visiting the homebound

___Babysitting (by someone in my family)                   ___Running errands

___Other  ___________________________






Wed, July 18 2018 6 Av 5778