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About Congregation Ohr Moshe


          Ohr Moshe was founded in 1987 by a dedicated group of Askanimin in the Hillcrest Community.  The Shul

started out in the basement of R' Aryeh Z. Ginsberg, a Talmid of Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim.  It was named LZ"N Rav

Moshe Feinstein ZT"L who was niftar a year earlier.  The Shul moved to its present, permanent location in 1994.  In

2001 Rabbi Asher Schechter took over the position of Rav of our Shul.  Two years later the Shul welcomed

 Keren Ohr PreSchool, which continues to educate the children from our Kehilla and the surrounding neighborhoods

Our Main Beis Haknesses can seat up to 150.  The Shul's downstairs is suitable for use as a Simcha Room, and a

meeting room as well, with a capacity of up to 75 people.


          Our Shul was established as a Yeshiva Style Minyan, meaning the Minhagim and practices are similar to that of a

Yeshiva. We Daven Nussach Ashkenaz and maintain absolute decorum throughout Davening & Kriyas HaTorah.

Our Gabbai recites the Misheberach for Tzahal and the Tefilla for the U.S. Govt. and troops every Shabbos & Yom Tov.

We are proud of our Friday night Dvar Halacha, daily Daf Yomi Shiur and Shacharis Minyan, Shabbos

afternoon Chabura (learning Maseches Shabbos) and informative Shiurim given by our Rav and other guest lecturers.


          Our Kehilla is a warm and friendly group that enjoys socializing at the weekly Kiddushim after Davening, and at

the many events organized through the Shul. We have a very active N'shei Ohr Moshe with Shiurim and Chessed  

programs for our Ladies. All members of our Kehilla enjoy and benefit from of our communal Shabbos meals that we

run from time to time, our playgroup and extensive playground to occupy the young children during Davening,

our Chessed Committee, Shiduchim Committee and many other activities and events going on within our Shul




Please contact us if you would like to learn more, or to spend a Shabbos with us and experience our community


Wed, July 18 2018 6 Av 5778