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Welcome To Congregation Ohr Moshe!

Shabbos Hagadol Drasha

The entire Kehila
is invited to join us for a
Shabbos HaGadol Drasha
this Shabbos (4/13) between
Mincha & Maariv
“The שבת חול המועד תרכ"ה NYC Controversy & The Shmurah Matzah Paradox”
Mincha at 6:50 PM, followed by Drasha

Seudas Shabbos 5779

Mark the date:

We are extremely pleased to announce that our

Annual Seudas Shabbos Dinner

will take place on

Shabbos Parshas Kedoshim (May 11th).


The Guests of Honor will be

Drs. Akiva & Tamar Perlman.


There will be a Special Dedication

LZ”N Jack & Pearl Beylus, Z”L

presented to their children

Dr. Sruly & Nancy Beylus

Eli & Carrie Beylus

& Yehudit Simanowitz.


Please join us at the Seudas Shabbos Dinner as we show our Hakaras HaTov by wishing

Hatzlacha Rabba to

Ari Cymbalista & Abe Feld

upon their well deserved retirement after their tireless efforts catering to our community and Shul over the past 4 decades.


A Special Commemorative Journal will IY”H be published in honor of this event.


For more information, please contact Ben Zanjirian at 917-690-0010.

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Thu, April 18 2019 13 Nisan 5779